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Inspiring musicians to establish their audience and earn a sustainable income, we provide them with the latest insights and research in digital marketing. Wait.. Marketing? We actually don’t use that word. What we do, is finding out how we can make your art resonate with your audience, so they keep coming back for more. 

Nenad set out on a personal mission to reignite the love for baroque music in the world, reaching millions and growing his influence online. He now coaches and inspires musicians around the world to do the same.

Nenad studied harpsichord in Zurich (CH) and now works as an organist as well as soloist. He is the face behind Leonart Music, a baroque music channel, founder of Leonart Studio, a multimedia production company; founder of a house concert series; founder and manager of Triqueta Celtic Music Ensemble; creator of the Artful Maestro and Exaltify podcasts and coaching programs.

Nenad is passionate about history and discovering what makes us human, as well as exploring new technologies and the possibilities they offer. His strength is inter-contextual thinking and operating, offering him and others new possibilities that may have been hidden before. 

“Connection is everything.”

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Embracing new perspectives and ideas, fostering a mindset of growth and enhanced musical expression.


Helping you find your authentic voice and artist identity: what you ultimately stand for.


Practicing the art of effectively communicating your unique message to captivate your audience.

Digital Mastery

Achieving excellence in the digital realm (latest technologies, music marketing, online presence) simple and easy for everyone.

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