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From Bach to Bytes: Artful Maestro is all about the new challenges and big revolutions we’re going through as classical musicians today. 

Tired of the hamster wheel everyone is in, never getting any results? This is where we offer solutions: Our mission is to connect deeply with a younger crowd of listeners, creating a new foundation for classical music that will last for generations.

What we offer


Called a »harmonious blend of the traditional and the modern« – go explore the compelling episodes on leading topics with renowned guests and your host Nenad Leonart in the Artful Maestro Podcast, your go-to place where Classical Music meets everything digital!


Musicians dedicated to growing can apply and be admitted to the Artful Maestro Community on the popular platform Skool, where you can get access to various workshops on expanding your digital media skills for free. Participating from home, you’re growing with the leading methods in the industry.


Being an artist means being unique, and that is why we offer personalized coaching, tailored to fit your needs. We look at your goals, create a sustainable strategy and assist you in every part of the way. 

How do we know that it works? Because we had these problems and solved them all ourselves first!

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Stay tuned for an exciting thing that will be revealed at the end of 2024! 

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what makes us Different


We don't do it "the way it's supposed to be done". We do what works.


Forces combined, we're very diverse and well connected. Whatever question you have, someone will provide the answer.


With well over several decades in cumulative experience, all our speakers are seasoned professionals, showing you in detail how they walked the walk.

One of a kind

You will not find this offer anywhere else: we all want you to succeed. Our collaborative win-win mindset is what it makes Artful Maestro so unique.

This is

We inspire musicians to establish their audience and earn a sustainable income, providing them with the latest insights and research in digital marketing. Wait.. Marketing? We also don’t like that word. What we do, is finding out how we can make your art resonate with your audience, so they keep coming back for more. 

Founded by
Nenad Leonart

Nenad set out on a personal mission to reach younger generations with classical music in a meaningful way. An ambassador for baroque keyboard music – where his heart lies – he grew his digital influence with proven methods, reaching millions of people online. He now coaches and inspires classical musicians to do the same.

-> If we manage to excite the coming generations for classical music and create lasting resonant bonds, we open ourselves up to a whole new future with amazing possibilities.

“Connecting is everything.”

what we
stand for


Embracing new perspectives and ideas, fostering a mindset of growth and enhanced musical expression.


Helping you find your authentic voice and artist identity: what you ultimately stand for.


Practicing the art of effectively communicating your unique message to captivate your audience.

Digital Mastery

Achieving excellence in the digital realm (latest technologies, music marketing, online presence) simple and easy for everyone.

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Artful Mastery?

Excited about taking the first steps to leaving a lasting impression on your audience online? Get ready for your music to go viral and connect with your true fans out there.

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